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3 Ways To Prevent Your Home From Becoming Dated

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We love our homes, but they can sometimes become a little bit annoying, can’t they? Just as we’re beginning to settle into all the joys of our humble homes, we look around and realize that everything is beginning to look a little bit dated, or, at best, not quite as fresh as it once did. And when that time rolls around, we usually begin to look at the best home decor blogs, find our inspiration, and begin making grand plans. But that’s a lot of effort, right? It’s much easier to prevent your property from becoming dated in the first place.

Don’t Go Too Heavy With The Theme

There’s a lot to be said for picking a theme for a room. It can make it feel unique, and, executed properly, there’s no doubt that it can look pretty fantastic. But the problem with basing a room’s decor on a theme is that they rarely age well, if ever. An Egyptian themed bathroom, for instance, can be that luxurious touch that you’re looking for in a bathroom, but it’s unlikely to look quite as stylish in a few years. Just think back to all those overly eighties decor choices that were common back then; they didn’t even make it out of the decade. So don’t go too heavy with a theme – if you insist, make it things that can be easily changed, such as decorations.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

It’s not usually the decor selections that give a home’s age away, necessarily, but the small details. For instance, wallpaper that’s peeling in the corner, or a carpet that’s lost its color, or a cabinet that’s beginning to fade will all give your property that tired look and feel. Touch up your wallpaper, deep clean your carpet, and work with a company that offers cabinet refinishing, and you’ll keep your house looking fresh! You do have to be proactive with these types of things, but you’ll be thankful for your efforts in the long run.

Change the Basics

Many people look around their living room and decide that they want to change all the furniture to make it feel fresh again. This is not necessary! In most cases, all you need to do is switch out the basics. For example, new cushion and pillow covers, and a new set of curtains will make the room look like new. You’ll also want to avoid the pile-up of clutter – sometimes just clearing away the debris is all you need to bring the room back to life. again

Final Thoughts

Your home won’t always look completely new, but there’s no reason to settle for a house that looks like its best days are behind it. By incorporating the above steps into your home planning, you can ensure that your house never needs to have that faded, dated feel. You will need to mix up your decor every now and again – no look lasts forever – but you won’t need to make wholesale changes all that often.


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