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3 Deal Breakers To Watch Out For When Buying A House

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When you’re buying a new house, you always expect to have to do a bit of work on it. A bit of decorating and a few repairs isn’t the end of the world but you should always do proper checks on the house to make sure that there are no nasty surprises. Most of the time, you won’t find anything alarming and it will just be a few cosmetic changes that you want to make to the house, which is cheap and easy enough to do on your own without the need for hiring professionals. However, some houses have hidden problems that are incredibly difficult and expensive to fix and if you only start discovering these things after you’ve already bought the house, you’re going to be in big trouble. When you have a survey done on the house and you get the results, these are some of the things that should be deal breakers.

Damp And Mold 

Damp and mold are one of the first things you need to look out for when viewing a house. Check in the corners and in hidden areas behind furniture because sellers will often move things around to cover up the problem. They will also clean off any mold before you come, but you can still spot the signs of a damp problem if you check the walls for moisture. Buying a home with a damp problem is more trouble than it’s worth because it’s so hard to get rid of and unless you have a lot of expensive repairs done to dry the walls out and prevent the damp from returning, you’ll be dealing with it constantly. 

Roof Damage 

Roof damage is a tricky one because it depends on the severity of it. In some cases, if it’s just a few loose tiles, you can get a roofing company in to fix it fairly easily and it shouldn’t cost you too much money. But if there is extensive damage to the roof, that’s going to cause leaks in the home and lead to damp problems. In some cases, the entire roof may need replacing and that’s going to cost you a lot of money and take a lot of time, so in that case, it’s best not to buy the house and start looking elsewhere. Have a survey carried out and get an estimate for the cost of fixing the roof, then you can decide whether you still want to go ahead with the purchase or not. 

Energy Efficiency 

It’s not just the cost of buying the house and fixing it up that you have to consider, it’s the cost of actually running the house after you move in, which is why you always need to check the energy efficiency. This is particularly important if you’re buying an older property because it may not be very well insulated and the windows might need updating. If the house doesn’t hold heat very well, your energy bills will be huge and you’ll waste a lot of money over the years. 

These things should all be deal breakers when viewing a house because they will increase the cost of renovating and living in the house by a long way.

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