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Designing Your Home for Others: How To Sell Your Home Through Decor

Smiling woman homeowner renter of new home showing keys of dwelling. Real estate sale or rental

Your home is your castle. It’s the place where you’ve made some of your most precious memories. But now it’s time to move on, begin a new chapter, and make new memories. And that means it’s also time to put your beloved house on the market. Unfortunately, though your home may long have been the […]

Building vs. Buying a House: Which Is More Affordable?

Building vs. Buying a House: Which Is More Affordable?

If you are thinking about moving into a new phase of life—whether that’s getting married, adopting kids, or bringing a new kitten home—there’s a good chance you need more space. That usually means a house, and if you’re tired of renting, that gives you two options: buy or build. You might not have even considered […]

How To Tastefully Add More Color to Your Home

How To Tastefully Add More Color to Your Home

All colors can evoke varying feelings, from happy to sad to drab. When you begin designing the interior layout of your home, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, as so much depends on the choices you make. One of the main areas where people can find themselves intimidated is bringing more color to their homes. They […]

The Four P’s for Happy Holiday Travel this Season:

The Four P’s for Happy Holiday Travel this Season: Tis the season to travel as a family to visit relatives or take a holiday vacay. This season AAA estimates 112.7 million people will journey 50 miles or more away from home from December 23 to January 2. Travel time is extended this year due to […]

Central Florida Holiday Happenings

  Here is a festive factoid according to Visit Orlando, the city ranked 5th in Travel & Leisure’s 25 Best Christmas Towns in the USA. During the holiday season, in addition to eight of Orlando’s theme parks, there are many holiday happenings from light shows and ice sculptures to bowl games across Central Florida to […]

How To Relieve Pain In Muscles And Joints

Young Woman With Joint Pain

You’re not alone if you’re dealing with pain in your muscles and joints. Millions of Americans experience this type of pain every day. In this blog post, we’ll share tips on reducing muscle and joint pain. We hope you find these tips helpful! Heat The Affected Area With A Heating Pad Or Warm Compress Many […]

4 Essential Tips to Consider before Tying the Knot

back view of wedding couple standing on beach with wedding bouquet and looking at sea

Are you getting married soon? Be sure to prepare yourself–you’ll want to surpass the seven-year itch, as data shows that first and second marriages end in divorce around 7 years. Are you wondering how you can do it? A well-planned wedding and married life by both partners gives you more chances for a happily ever […]

5 Work-From-Home Jobs to Earn Money During the Holidays

Mature black woman using laptop for video call while working from home

Many seek ways to earn money and boost their passive income to earn cash during the holidays without working a traditional job. If you’re one of them, you’ll be glad to know that you can work from home in many ways. Here are 10 work-from-home jobs that can help you earn extra cash during the […]

Hiring a Vehicle on Winter Holidays: 7 Tips for Skiers and Travelers

American winters have a lot to offer, from snow-covered national parks with magnificent peaks to great forests and Christmas-time cities that render the Home-Alone atmosphere. For a keen traveler, that’s plenty of fun and new things to see. Trips at this time of the year differ from summer getaways. Most people explore the states by […]

How To Best Make Your Mobile Home Luxurious

How To Best Make Your Mobile Home Luxurious

In recent years, mobile homes have improved with better utilities and amenities to increase their resale value and remain competitive in the real estate market. Here are some tricks to make your mobile home luxurious so you can feel right at home. Paint Is Your Best Friend If you have ever remodeled a home, you […]

Apartment Living: How to Create a Modern Aesthetic in a Small Space

If you live in the city, apartments are the most common types of residence. Unless you are part of the 1%, a small apartment, loft or condominium is usually the answer to living right in the center of things.  Since you will be spending more than half of your time in your apartment, it pays […]

Calming and Cathartic Travel in Mendocino, California

My Restorative Wellness Retreat Brings Good Energy from the California Redwood Forests  I traveled to Mendocino, California, where “Welltality” is the buzzword for an immersive experience with the Northern California coastline, redwood forests, vineyards, and soul-stirring scenery.  I want to decompress, unplug and press the reset button on my life. I want to breathe deeply, […]

Kitchen Remodeling: Oddities and Advice for Your Project

Kitchen Cabinets Installation Finished by Professional Cabinetmaker

The kitchen is the prime focus of the home. It is the place in which most of us spend the most time. If your kitchen isn’t serving you well, a remodeling project is the best option. New cabinets and countertops will undoubtedly look beautiful, but there’s a lot more to kitchen renovation than that. Remodeling […]

Exploring Christmas Crafts of the Thuringian Forest, Germany

Lauscha, Germany, is the birthplace of the Christmas ball ornament and home to generations of glassblowers and craftspeople making world-famous, collectible Christmas decorations. I traveled into the Thuringian Forest of Germany to meet the glassblowers of Lauscha, practicing the 150-year-old craft recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage. In November 2021, I traveled to Lauscha, […]

The Health Benefits of Creating a Backyard Oasis

Landscape of a backyard with pool and cafe lights during sunset

People are always looking for ways to be healthier. From various diets to visiting health gurus to buying the next best exercise equipment, there isn’t a shortage of traditional things to try to live a healthier lifestyle. But what about creating a backyard oasis? In addition to being a positive source of health and wellbeing, […]

Niche Touches For A More Glamorous Decor

Creative composition of glamour living room interior design

There are a lot of ways you can decorate a home, of course, but one of the ways that a lot of people are always keen on is for the decor to have a little more glamor going on. This might actually be simpler than you think, and as long as you are aware of […]

Popular Destinations for Your Wedding Anniversary

Popular Destinations for Your Wedding Anniversary

Marriage is a sacred commitment between couples, and anniversaries are worth celebrating. Each year you reach a new milestone in your relationship. While you may not plan a grand celebration every year, it’s worthwhile to invest in an anniversary trip at least once or twice. Here are some popular destinations for your wedding anniversary. Paris, […]

Holiday Happenings in Kissimmee, Florida

Kissimmee calls itself the Vacation Home Capital of the World® for obvious reasons. The city resides in the heart of Central Florida’s theme parks—Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, Gatorland, Wild Florida, and more. You can find any type of lodging, from boutique hotels such the ette hotel and resorts such as Omni Orlando Resort at […]