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Creating Everyday Magic With Whimsical Home Design

Living room interior design

If you keep up with home design trends, you’re probably familiar with things like mid-century modern decor, rustic makeovers, and futuristic design ideas. But, some are opting for more whimsical design trends when it comes to creating a “vibe” for the home. The great thing about whimsical home design is that it allows you to […]

Exposed Brick, Copper Pipes, and Edison Bulbs: Industrial Interior Design Is a Vibe

Interior Of Lounge With TV And Exposed Brick Walls In Modern Open Plan House Or Apartment

Industrial interior design celebrates the simple aesthetic of factories and vintage industrial spaces. It only makes sense that the focal points of industrial design are strong, unfinished, and durable materials explains Volusia County Management. Everything from exposed pipes, brick walls, concrete accents, and metal light fixtures make up the vibe of industrial interior design. While […]

9 Home Security Mistakes That You Should Look To Avoid: By Experts

A hand pointing at panel of home security appliance

Mistakes are a part of our life. They help us learn more about ourselves and our surroundings in a harmless manner. However, this habit doesn’t really bode well when it comes to the security of your house.  And, for good reasons as well!  Making even a small error in setting up your house surveillance system […]

How to Make Your Home Safe Without Sacrificing Style

We all know that safety is a primary concern when you own a home. There are over 1 million burglaries per year, and the average value of property taken is $2,600 per incident. However, you also want your home to look nice! You definitely don’t want the military compound look while you’re keeping your home […]