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QMocha will accelerate the aesthetics of your e-commerce in 2022

This is a design-focused creative-minded blog and we have the buzz into the hottest new trend in e-commerce.  Do you consider yourself design-minded? Do you want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the image of your store? Do you want to offer a shopping experience? Then learn about QMocha to really […]

Ways to make a healthy lifestyle

Exercise with a view

The new year comes in fresh possibilities, and our new year’s resolutions nearly invariably entail major lifestyle adjustments. It can be difficult to embrace these healthful habits along with the Care 1 crore policy because it requires 21 days to form or break a routine. However, we often overlook the fact that changing one’s living […]

Hospitality: Significance of Hotel Amenities in Enriching Customer Experience

In today’s competitive world, the best quality of service for the guests is the only way for hoteliers to survive. But sometimes, good service is not enough to acquire guests. Travelling has become very easy these days, translating to the growing demand for hotels with appropriate hotel amenities. Whether you can dominate the industry depends on what […]

Savvy Packing Tips To Simplify Your Move

Packing process

If a new master bathroom is part of your remodeling or renovation plans, you have a lot to consider. Don’t forget your flooring. Here are some of your options.

Want To Start A New Home Garden

Spring garden

Starting a garden may seem like a big project, but you can get ahead of the game by being prepared and ensuring you know how to keep your plants alive and well. You should also test the soil so you know what plants will thrive near your home. Here’s how you can start a new […]

The Magic of Commutative and Associative Property

Teen girl student writing equations learning math online, over shoulder view.

If in a rack 6 pairs of shoes are arranged in 2 rows. Add them from the top row and then add them from the bottom row. The answer you got is 6 only. This explains the commutative property of addition. Formally you can define this property as the sum of the numbers remains the […]

Working From Home in the Winter

Freelancer working from home

Working from home has become more common than ever over the last two years, and it’s here to stay. One survey found that 90% of remote workers plan to continue working remotely until they’re ready to retire. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Working from home has plenty of benefits. It offers more flexibility, comfort, […]

How Your Living Space Affects Your Mental Health

Minimalist Interior of modern living room 3D rendering

In a sense, your living space is an extension of yourself. It’s where you can showcase your sense of style and create a space that’s truly yours. It’s also meant to be a safe haven, where you can relax, unwind and be yourself. As it turns out, your living space and environment directly impact your […]

Tips and Tricks for Visiting an African Country

Tips and Tricks for Visiting an African Country

Traveling to any country outside your own requires a fair amount of planning and adjustment beyond the basics. Sure, you need transportation and housing while abroad. However, there is much more to the story than this, especially when vacationing in Africa. Discover these essential tips and tricks for visiting an African country before you go. […]

The Basics of Midcentury Modern Home Design

Retro style mid-century modern decorated apartment

Midcentury modern design is a term you might have heard pretty much everywhere at this point. Whether you enjoy the style and want to learn more or don’t know the first thing about it, there are a few basics to this set of design principles that are important to know. Here’s what to keep in […]