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Leather vs Fabric Sofa: Which is Better for your Office

Business office interior

Curtains and chairs are a critical factor in determining the well-being of those who work in an office. When purchasing furniture and curtains, it is crucial to identify the various fabric varieties available on the market, comprehend the multiple characteristics, and determine how well a specific chair and curtain style meets their needs.  However, there’s […]

Elevate Your Walls with Affordable Fine Art

My latest design discovery is Fine Art America, an online art marketplace making art accessible to all. If you want to build an art collection without a blue-chip art budget, consider purchasing prints of works by the modern masters and emerging talents. I discovered a great source of wall art, including canvas and acrylic prints, […]

5 Tips For Creating a Minimalist Living Space

Purple sofa in a minimalist room

The goal of minimalism is to live simply by owning less and not having unnecessary expenses — debt included. The focus is shifted from owning physical items to having and creating experiences. While this looks different for everyone, the result is typically the same: greater peace. There are so many benefits to minimalist living including […]

4 Tips for Showcasing Art in Your Home

Decorating walls with paintings, photography, and other memorabilia is one of the best ways to personalize a space. Wall art adds character and polishes off your interior design with unique display items and fun conversation starters. However, deciding where and how to hang up wall art can be a difficult task. Read on for illustrated […]

7 Tips to Help You Design a Dream Kitchen

Although getting a new kitchen design can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming because you need to do it right. Planning, quality, and patience are crucial. The kitchen is a chief point in your home; it is, therefore, necessary to have an exquisitely designed kitchen. This simplifies your kitchen activities; it gives you direct […]

Home Office Design Mistakes To Avoid

Working from home has never been a foreign concept, but for many of us, it has never really been an option, either. Now here we are, setting up home offices. For many people, the first makeshift home offices we threw together after abruptly learning we’d be working from home were pretty sad. As time goes […]

Fun Ideas for Renovating Your Staircase

When it’s time to change the look of your staircase or the carpet has become anything but attractive, think outside the box and make your staircase fun. Most houses get stuck in traditional thoughts when it comes to renovating and decorating. Getting creative when redoing a staircase will make your home unique and let your […]

Dazzling Décor: Using Gemstones in Interior Design

Using gemstones in interior design is a stunning way to pay homage to their countries of origin. Collect them traveling or just enjoy their global flavors. You probably can’t explore the world full-time, so the next best thing is to bring a touch of the exotic into your surroundings. If you love traveling, design, and […]

Ways To Celebrate Your Culture With Home Decor

Adding cultural elements to your living space is a fantastic way to connect with your heritage. Here are some ways to celebrate your culture through home decor. There’s no better place to display your culture than in your own home. Your home reflects who you are as a person, after all. If you regularly feel […]