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Best Duvets For Your Bedroom

Contemporary bedroom with botanic duvet

What exactly is a duvet? In case you are unfamiliar with duvets (used synonymously with comforter in the United States), a duvet is a type of bed linen that resembles a soft sack filled with wool, feathers or any other synthetic material. The whole package is encased by an outer covering which is protective and […]

How Deepak Chopra Wants Us to Mind Our Health and Wellness 

I sit down with the wellness guru Deepak Chopra to set the record straight on  healthcare shortcomings  Deepak Chopra could say, “ I told you so,” about this watershed moment in wellness — a mainstream realization that the mind and body are connected and to heal means to treat both. The holistic doctor, best-selling author, […]

Trends and Skills You Need to Know to Boost Your Interior Design Career

If you are a people person with an eye for design, then you may have a potential career as an interior designer. The beauty of being a professional designer is that it is a job that will last the test of time. Our society will always build new properties and need to fill them with […]

Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen Without Remodeling

Your kitchen sees a lot of use, and it’s crucial to fix any wear and tear when it happens. Let’s look at some ways to upgrade your kitchen without remodeling. Your kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you spend the most time, right next to the bedroom and living room. Because your […]

How to Achieve an Eco-Friendlier Home and Garden

Natural wooden modern interior, relax zone, eco friendly furniture

By now, we are all well aware of the impact of global warming and climate change on our planet. Perhaps you feel the urge to do something and change your lifestyle each time you watch a documentary on the environment. Maybe you’ve been planting trees in your area or taking part in activities held to […]

Benefits of a Well-Placed Rug in a Room

Are you wondering how you can improve the look of a room to make your home more comfortable? Check out the benefits of a well-placed rug in a room here. There are many ways to effectively decorate a room. One important and often understated asset for homeowners is a thoughtful rug. The benefits of a […]

Get Ready to Sell Your House by Spring

Get Ready to Sell Your House by Spring If you are looking to sell your home, now is the best time to get started. While there will be those who tell you the housing market is dead during a global pandemic, it is not really the truth. Experts say that due to a potentially low […]

2021 Travel Trends for American Travelers

Caravan car travels on the highway.

Vacations and traveling were largely put on hold for many Americans in 2020 as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With 2020 now in the rear view mirror, many American travelers are optimistic about resuming traveling this year as local COVID numbers drop and vaccine rollouts expand. But will the travel industry fully rebound […]

Different Sleeping Options for Guests

If guests to your home extend their stays overnight, there are many different sleeping options you can offer them to avoid making them stay in a hotel. Having guests over for an extended stay is an excellent opportunity to grow closer with visiting friends and family. These visits often involve your guests staying overnight in […]