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Tips for Developing a Home Aesthetic

Creating a new aesthetic for your home can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Instead, read and remember these tips for developing a home aesthetic. Finally, achieving your desired aesthetic in your house can be a dream come true. Being able to show off your personality and tie everything together to create the […]

Simple Ways To Incorporate Luxury Into Your Bathroom

There are many things older adults must consider when buying new living room furniture to minimize the chances of the piece becoming a safety risk. It’s easy to forget that a bathroom is an essential part of the house. It’s more than just a place to quickly get clean before returning to other tasks. The […]

Home Maintenance You’re Probably Forgetting About

It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a flat in London, a beachside bungalow in the Bahamas, or a mansion in the Hamptons. Every home needs maintenance from time to time. If you don’t take the time to keep up on your home, sooner or later pipes will leak, appliances will break, or you’ll find […]

Benefits of Relocating To a Tropical Climate

We’ve all done it—stood in the middle of cold weather and asked ourselves, “Why do I live here?” It’s time to take a leap and relocate to a warmer climate! With not much to do as of late, the idea of vacationing on a beach is tempting. But what if you could live year-round in […]

Best DIY Home Kitchen Projects

Are you ready for a change in your kitchen’s design? For inspiration, check out these best DIY home kitchen projects that will help you upgrade your kitchen. Once you move into a new house, it’s common to want to redesign certain details of your kitchen. Or, if you’ve lived in the same house for a […]

3 Tips for Making Your Home a Sought-After Airbnb

As the country begins to regain some sense of normalcy, people are starting to feel comfortable enough to return to some of their beloved pre-COVID activities. One of which includes travel. While travel never totally disappeared, some were a bit more reluctant about where they went and where they stayed. As the owner of an […]

4 Ways Travel Will Change in the Future

Road trip

Travel definitely took a big-time hit in 2020, thanks to the pandemic, with spending down a whopping 42% from 2019.  Some U.S. destinations were more severely affected than others. As you might expect, popular vacation state Hawaii suffered the biggest dropoff in its travel economy, 60% year over year.   So what does 2021 have in […]

A Guide to Double Glazing

Sitting area facing windows

Double glazing is now a staple for most modern homes, and thankfully, long gone are the days where there is only a single pane of glass between us and the outside elements. While many modern builds come complete with double glazing windows already, there are still beautiful old builds that would benefit from this window […]

5 Best Destinations for Hearing Impaired Travelers


When it comes to traveling and seeing the world, those who have a hidden disability like a hearing impairment may be more reluctant than others to go jet setting. However, over recent years, there has been a stark increase in the number of tourism destinations and operators who are becoming more aware of those who […]