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How to Improve The Exterior Of Your Home

The ultimate outdoor space should be a reflection of your indoor living space. A covered area with comfortable seating, mood lighting, and organic elements like a water feature or fire make any outdoor space more inviting. In the last ten years, we have seen a host of high-end and speciality outdoor products moving into the […]

How To Make Your Wedding Invitations Stand Out

Mailing out wedding invites is a big moment leading up to the big day. Before you send your save-the-dates, learn how to make them vividly stand out. First impressions are everything, and little details make all the difference. When you’re designing your wedding invites, the assorted choices and available detail options can be overwhelming. Never […]

The Best Dog Friendly Travel Destinations

Don’t worry about having to find a dog sitter next time you plan a vacation and book a trip to one of these dog-friendly destinations instead. Solo travel is empowering and exciting, but it can sometimes be nerve-wracking to leap into a new destination alone. Luckily, that’s what pets are for! Traveling with your furry […]

How To Convert Your Conservatory Into a Bedroom

Home sunrooms don’t have to be limited to one function. Discover how to convert your conservatory into a bedroom to make it a welcoming space for guests. Sunrooms, or conservatories, are the ultimate home addition for those who want to embrace natural light. However, when the time comes to do something different with this space, […]

Tips on How To Restore Damaged Antique Items

Rusted metal, decaying bookbinding, or weathered wood? All is not lost. Take these tips on how to restore damaged antique items and save what you hold dear. You may have furniture, books, or works of art that have been in your family for years and years—and you intend to keep it that way. Or perhaps […]

Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Home More Luxurious

There are many different ways to make your home appear more luxurious that will improve your overall comfort, all without breaking the bank in the process. There are many people in our society that look at the lives of celebrities and are envious that they spend their days in the lap of luxury while they […]

Clean, Minimalistic, Energy Efficient Bathroom Trends

The bathroom is arguably one of the most overlooked yet heavily used rooms in the house. We tend to avoid anything but quick, necessary trips in there. Yet statistics indicate that throughout our lives, we’ll spend upwards of 1.5 years in the bathroom. Given this mildly concerning fact, it isn’t all that surprising that during […]

5 Things Millennials Should Know When Designing Their First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment is a huge milestone for anyone. But for millennials in particular, who are dealing with some of the highest housing prices of a generation, moving out is a real cause for celebration. Finally flying the nest and becoming fully independent can be both exciting and terrifying, and when you close […]

Introducing Selling Orlando TV Show

Calling on all Orlando house hunters! Check out the pilot episode of Selling Orlando, a new reality show that I wrote and helped produced. If you are looking to make the move to sunny Orlando, this show is a must-see for an insider’s look at Central Florida’s housing market and lifestyle.       

My Home Office Makeover Muse

Like many people, the pandemic has me spending most of the workday in my home office, and I was getting a little uninspired or, shall I say, bored with the look and feel of my workspace.  I draw on the creative energy around me, and when I switch up the look and feel of my […]

2021 Design Trends for the Home

Gena Kirk, Vice President of KB Home Design shares her expert insight on the latest looks for the home in 2021. The Kitchen: Multifunctional kitchens are more important than ever. With the increase in families working from home, virtual schooling, and less social events and extracurricular activities, I predict that we will continue to spend […]

Selfie Generation: Has the Travelling Purpose Changed?

Travel and photography go hand in hand and have done so for as long as cameras have been around. Technology has certainly evolved since the time of the tripod stand and clunky apparatus.  We carry in our pockets the means to snap a pic anytime and anywhere, and we’re only waiting for the right opportunity. […]