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European Design Brings a Timeless and Long-Lasting Look to Your Home

When people look into designing their homes, they want a look that will be timeless and long-lasting. A few of the furniture pieces we see nowadays are fast design and will not pass the test of time. Items can be too modern or too abstract to uphold the same meaning years from now. But that […]

4 Trip Ideas for a Weekend Getaway With the Girls

Need a vacation? Want to bring your best friends along? Take a look at some of these trip ideas for a weekend getaway with the girls—fun awaits! We know; it’s been a while since you’ve gotten to spend time with your girls. We’ve all been staying inside, doing our best to keep ourselves distanced and […]

How to Plan a New Kitchen: The 7 Right Steps to Take

Home Interior With Open Plan Kitchen And Dining Area

It’s often a good idea to think about a new kitchen and begin planning for it before you do anything else. Just like with creating a business plan before launching a new company, creating a plan for a new kitchen helps to guide your decision-making, adjust your expectations to be more realistic, and budget properly. […]

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Home Design

Modern House Design

Choosing the right home design is a big decision. When looking through blueprints and plans, it’s nearly impossible to change your mind once you get started. That’s why choosing the right design is paramount. If you’re planning to build your next home, keep these six helpful tips in mind for choosing the right home design. […]

How to Add Quality in the Apparel Industry

The apparel industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. It is also a fast-growing industry, with trends that are always changing and evolving. In order to maintain and run a successful apparel business, you need to be at the top of happenings in the fashion world. That means following the latest […]

Why Changing Your Air Filters Does More Than Keep Your Home Clean

Air filters are important components of the HVAC system. They trap dust and other particles to keep the home clean. This is one of the most important benefits of the air filters and the reason why they should be changed often. Other than filtering particles and keeping your home clean, changing your air filters more […]

The Top Home Design Trends Coming in 2021

Home decor inspired by autumn

Boy, does time fly so fast! Only three months to go and it’ll already be 2021. We’ve gone through a lot these year and despite being quartered indoors for most of the year, home trends continue to evolve to accommodate our current living situations. Here is what we can expect to see more in interior […]

5 Creative Ways to Add Plants to Your Kitchen

Kitchen interior with modern cabinets and green plants

Kitchen aesthetics are a constant work in progress. No matter how much we add or take away, it always seems like there’s something missing. Instead of wrapping your brain around the endless items you can add to the kitchen, why not get creative with plants? Plants can easily offer life, color,  and vibrancy to any […]

How To Make Your Living Room Stand Out

Your living room, true to its name, is where a lot of your at-home life happens. To make it stand out, consider incorporating these elements. When it comes to interior design, it’s easy to let things be as they are. You never get rid of furniture that doesn’t really match, push off DIY projects for […]

How COVID is Transforming the Wedding Industry

wedding couple at destination wedding ceremony

More Weddings, Less Venues, How a Tsunami of Couples is Rushing Towards an Unprepared Wedding Industry (and what you can do about it)! Earlier this week, I got off the phone with a friend who was panicking because she couldn’t find a wedding venue for next spring in her hometown. While her fiance was Googling […]

Beating Back Mold In Your Home

If you’ve started spotting areas of the walls and ceilings that look damp, or you’ve even noticed a few black dots appearing in concerning clusters, then you are right to be worried. Mold can damage the structures of the home, weakening them to the point of replacement. It can also be a serious health concern, […]

Simple Ways To Introduce Patterns To Your Wardrobe

If you’re falling for fall but want to introduce something new to your closet, try patterns. Here are some ways to introduce patterns to your wardrobe. As fall draws closer, it comes time to introduce our favorite sweaters and fashion choices back into the closet. If you’re not the type to love the bright colors […]

The Elements of a Great Public Space

Many cities are justifiably famous for their piazzas and parks. The elements of a great public space combine to offer recreation, relaxation and socializing. Rome has the Piazza Navona. Chicago has Millennium Park with the Bean and Daley Plaza with its Picasso. Cities all over the world have public spaces that succeed or fail based […]

Decoded: Most Common Dress Codes

Everybody’s been there: you receive an invitation with a dress code that feels cryptic and impossible. Check out this guide to the most common dress codes. It’s a situation everyone has been in once or twice in their lives. An invitation comes in the mail for a gathering, party, wedding, or other big event, and […]