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The Unconventional Art of German Expressionist Herman Scherer

I travel to connect with humanity through its creativity, expressed in art, craft, design and architecture. Things of the imagination, crafted by hand speak to my soul and make me feel alive and inspired. In December 2019, I traveled to Freiburg, Germany, a stunning storybook city that shares a border with France and Switzerland.  The […]

Best Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

Adjusting your home’s color palette can make selling your home easier without having to spend on a costly renovation project. Here are the best colors to use. Selling your home often requires much more effort than it may seem. Renovations and smaller upkeep projects, like painting your house, can make a big impact on your ability […]

5 Luxury Extensions to Enhance Your Backyard

Home extensions add considerable value to your home. Luxury options such as a patio or winter garden can also help to enhance the look of your backyard. They create a connection between your home and outside space and are also perfect for entertaining guests. Stand-alone conversions such as repurposed sheds or glass box extensions are […]

5 Smart Landscaping Ideas for a Perfect Yard

It’s often hard to apply and arrange traditional landscape designs. Most homeowners don’t even have time to make drastic changes in their backyard but still want the space around the house to look decent and easy to maintain. Luckily, there are numerous DIY gardening projects you can finish in a few days. You don’t have […]

Organizing Your Family’s Memories in Photos, Videos, and Heirlooms

Family photos

Life goes by quickly; one minute your parents and grandparents are running around with you as a child, the next minute, you’re a grown adult, and your loved ones are getting older. Before they’re gone, you want to preserve all the memories from your past with them.  In our lifetime, technology has changed a lot. […]

5 Expert Tips For Decorating a New Home

Modern nature-inspired home decor

Home is where the heart is, and you definitely pour your heart out when you decorate your new home. Whether it’s your first time living on your own or maybe you are moving in with your significant other or perhaps your family moved to a new house, grab the opportunity to decorate a space that […]

10 Deductions Your Side Hustle Might be Missing

Home office design

With more people working remotely or having their hours cut, many have ventured into different businesses by creating a side hustle. They have turned their passion or interests into an income. What they may not realize is, this new side hustle could have deductions when filing taxes. I want to share 10 deductions your side […]

Sustainable Alternatives to Common Building Materials

Activism starts at home. Get your house in order and prepare to join the green initiative with these sustainable alternatives to common building materials. Environmental consciousness has become an increasingly important concern in recent years, and with good reason. Many people have made big and little lifestyle changes in an effort to live more sustainable […]

Ways to Refresh Your Home’s Design

A stale home is an unhappy home. Here are some simple changes you can make to add some “pop” to your sanctuary and make it a place you can be proud to show off. Your home is your sanctuary, but if it doesn’t change with you, then it might get stale after a while. If […]

Creating A Wildlife Friendly Garden

Our gardens are becoming more and more important for wildlife as natural habitats shrink. No matter how small or large your outdoor space is, there are many ways that you can make it welcoming and safe for wildlife. Have a look at some of our tips to help your garden become wildlife-friendly: Create A Bug […]