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Investment strategies to follow during a crisis

Close up of investors around savings deciding where to invest

Today, the world is seeing one of the worst financial crises. The market has plunged globally within weeks. And as per the statement given by the World Bank Group, 60 million people could face extreme poverty as a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic, which would wipe away three years of progress internationally. Considering the […]

Help Your Architect Make Your Home Design Idea Come True

Unless you’re a professional architect, you probably won’t be able to design your own home. However, hiring a professional doesn’t mean that you have little or no control over what is done. The best way to make your home design ideas come true is to work with an expert and know how to establish a […]

Your Design Skills Could Be Twice As Good With Training

There’s a prevailing belief that artistic skill is something “innate” or “inherent.” You either have the singing voice of Jon Bon Jovi, or you sound like a distressed seal. There’s no middle ground.  Similarly, when it comes to painting, you have the deft stroke of John Constable, rendering his idyllic, bucolic English country scenes. Or […]

The Combination of Colors in the Design Process

Ever noticed how the right combination of colors can brighten your mood? It turns out that color plays a major role in how you perceive a certain product. More than 50% (and sometimes up to 90%) of your opinion is based on it. So, let’s take a look at some guidelines to choose the right […]

Workspace Design Tips for a Productive Day

Since everyone is spending a bit more time at home, this is the perfect time to upgrade the spaces where you and your family spend the most time. While your kitchen or living room may immediately come to mind, your home office could probably use some love, too. A home office that makes you feel […]

4 Housekeeping Tips for Maintaining Your Beautiful Home

You know how to clean your house, but how do you keep it that way? Learn all the top tricks with these housekeeping tips for maintaining your beautiful home. It never fails—you do all the work of tidying up your home, only for it to return to its usual disordered state a couple of days […]

Kit Your Home Out With Summer Essentials

Summer is pretty much here, we don’t need the time of the month to confirm that, it’s defined to us by the sun that we see and the warmth that we feel on our bones. So since summer is here to stay, and a lot of the world is not going to be able to […]

Ways to Make the Most of Your Backyard

Set your sights on summer sunshine and prepare for a wonderful season spent outdoors with this guide to three ways to make the most of your backyard. With spring fully sprung and summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll make the most of the warmer weather. You may not […]

4 Essential Tips for Attending a Virtual Baby Shower

You can still celebrate your loved ones this baby shower season—it’ll just look a bit different. Here are some tips for attending a virtual baby shower. Spring and early summer tend to be baby shower season, but it’s looking a little different this year. Rather than being able to head to someone’s house to spread […]

How to Make Your Lawn Stand Out in Your Neighborhood

While none of us are going to straight-up admit this, most of us want our house to be the talk of the neighborhood. That is why we invest in its curb appeal as much as we can and try to fix up everything from the façade to the front yard. If you’ve already done up […]

The Different Types of Window Treatments

Window treatments are the primary ways of controlling light and design in a room. Discover the different types of window treatments and how each is effective. Home window treatments are the essential finishing touches to any home design. These items turn windows into accents that highlight your own personal style—but they offer more than a […]

Is Your Home Ready To Welcome Airbnb Guests?

If you’ve been looking for a side-hustle business to help boost your household income, becoming an Airbnb host can be a life-changing experience. While it is too early in the current pandemic situation to think about promoting your space, you can make the most of the quarantine to prepare your home to welcome guests. Indeed, […]

Does Your Crawl Space Have Any of These Creepy Issues?

Moving to new house

There are plenty of issues a home can have hiding in its crawl space. Unfortunately, many people don’t take their crawl spaces seriously, which can lead to a variety of significant issues. Do you have any of these creepy problems in your crawl space? If you haven’t had a crawl space inspection in a while, […]

Use Your Free Time to Spruce Up Your Home

We’re living through some pretty strange times right now. At the start of the year, the majority of us were making our plans for the upcoming twelve months – booking holidays, booking festivals, gigs and concert tickets, arranging birthday parties and all sorts of other exciting things to look forward to. On a day to […]

Architectural Salvage: Hot Home Decor Trend

Modern Day Treasure Hunters Fans of such TV home renovation shows as Fixer Upper, Design on a Dime and Property Brothers are familiar with the term architectural salvage.  But if you’re not, it’s the booming business of reclaiming, upcycling and repurposing architectural building materials. The architectural salvage marketplace, once the sole province of old-house owners […]

How to Clean Upholstered Furniture

Don’t let stains fester on your couch or chair—they’re unsightly. Learn how to clean upholstered furniture so that it will stay lovely for years to come. You’ve finally decorated your parlor in a beautiful Victorian style. You found the perfect end tables and lamps at an antique store and refurbished them yourself. You found a […]

4 Projects to Take on While Social Distancing

Social distancing helps reduce the spread of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to stay at home. Help pass the time with these projects. Social distancing affects everyone differently. Some people have enjoyed a little downtime and found peaceful ways to fill the extra hours, while others have been stir-crazy from day one. If […]

Common Bedroom Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Redecorating your bedroom can be more complex than you might think. Discover some of the most common bedroom decorating mistakes to avoid during this process. The bedroom is arguably one of the most important sections of the entire house. They’re the place that most often represents our own personal design and displays all the things […]

5 Impacts that Accessibility Has on Interior Design

Disabled symbol on a green textured background. Horizontal

Interior design has to do with the visual appeal of a building, residence, or structure. This includes the appearance of individual rooms and spaces as well as overall functionality. These areas being easily accessible to people with disabilities is important, whether they are homeowners or employees. The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act brought to the […]

How to Create More Privacy in Your Home

Enjoying privacy at home is a right that anyone should have. You don’t want anyone peering through your windows or overhearing you while you’re at home. Although you might want to get to know your neighbors, you want to do it on your own terms and not because you can see and hear what they […]

Introduce Elements Of Luxury Into Your Home

Most people would agree to wanting a good dose of luxury in their home. Even if it is not something that you are hoping to have a lot of, or you prefer to use a different style in many ways, there is also probably a lot to be said for introducing some elements of luxury […]

6 Things to Consider When Moving Into a New Property

If you’re planning on moving house in the next few months, then it’s vital that you’re organized and prepared for the process. As although it’s undeniably an exciting time, it can also be terrifying. However, with the right preparation, you’ll be on the path to success. Whether it’s your first move or you’ve lived in […]