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Artist Tim De Vries Goes Beyond The Norm & Shows What Is Hidden In Plain Sight

Artist Tim De Vries exposes secrets with transparent epoxy resin. By hiding the items in plain sight, he questions the secretiveness of it all.  Tim De Vries was born in a village in the Netherlands, but the limits of his provincial upbringing, combined with his childhood love of Hollywood movies like Wolf of Wall Street, […]

Top Upcycled Plastic Ideas

No matter what, plastic is everywhere around us. Plastic is widely used all over the globe. From water bottles to food packaging and cosmetic products to straws. The most popular plastic in the world, polyethylene, was invented back in 1898. However, it was not until the 1960s when it became widely used and we became […]

Making Your Home More Appealing For Renting

These days it can be much easier than ever to rent out a home, whether it is something that you want to do for a business, or something that you want to do when you’re out of town. Either way, there is going to be some competition so you need to make sure that if […]

Most Scenic Islands in Australia You Have to See

Australia has over 8,000 islands full of diverse ecosystems, natural beauty and wildlife you will hardly see anywhere else. You can go on a day trip to any of these islands from one of the big cities and take a break in gorgeous nature. If you want to experience these wonders, we’ve narrowed down the […]

How to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

If you’re a couple who want to add some of your personalities into your wedding arrangements, these ways to make your wedding stand out may help you. The rigid wedding traditions of the past have become more relaxed over the years, allowing for more personalization in how couples decide to decorate and celebrate their weddings. […]

How to Modernize Your Outdated Home

Gray living and dining area

Does your home seem to have seen better days? For example, does the paint look cracked or crazed, like an alligator’s skin? Are some faucets leaky and rusted? Does the lighting look dated? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then it’s probably time to start modernizing your outdated home. A home that […]

Design Mistakes That Are Stopping You From Relaxing In Your New Living Room

As such, this is an area that many of us often turn our decor prowess to. But, what happens if you redecorate and still struggle to find the ideal living room balance? It can be disheartening, that’s for sure, and may well leave you feeling that this crucial room will never be quite right. In […]

The Many Health Benefits Of Home Hot Tubs

If you’ve got a large open space in your backyard, you might have been wondering how to make the best use of it. You are likely here today reading this blog post because you’ve been giving serious consideration to having a hot tub installed. Home hot tubs and spas aren’t just a great place to […]

Emotional Collecting Emerges as Top Trend at Miami Art Week

Collectors bring curiosity to a week of Miami art fairs making emotional connections and purchases. Miami Art Week takes place Dec. 3-8, 2019 with more than 80,000 collectors, curators and art enthusiasts attending art fairs anchored around Art Basel Miami Beach. The defining trend of this art fair frenzy is the concept of emotional collecting, […]

Popular Interior Design Styles for Your Home

Decorate your home in a way that highlights your house’s best features and your individual style with this guide to three popular interior design styles. Your home should be the place where you feel most comfortable. It should also reflect your individual style. It’s through the tiny touches and decorative details that a house becomes […]

Unexpected Places to Add Value in Your Home

You don’t need to complete large renovations to increase the value of your home. Learn about some of the unexpected places to add value in your home. Every homeowner wants to know that their home has retained at least some of its initial value. As such, many go to great lengths to preserve and increase […]

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens Celebrates its Centennial in 2020

 One of South Florida’s Oldest Homes Celebrates its 100th Anniversary Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, an eclectic 1920s winter retreat that became a popular tourist destination in South Florida, celebrates its Centennial in 2020 with a yearlong events calendar. The 35-acre subtropical estate in east Fort Lauderdale resides on what is one of the last […]

Miami Art Week Highlights: Artist Interviews and Art Collecting Trends

Join The Design Tourist Karen LeBlanc as she takes you on a whirlwind tour of Miami Art Week, hitting all the major art shows and fairs to check out the latest trends in art collecting and interview artists doing cutting edge work. From Art Basel, the marquee event, to Miami Art Week’s many satellite shows, […]

Great Tips For Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning

Have you been thinking about starting your Spring cleaning? With Spring quickly approaching it can be an excellent time to begin your cleaning or to start planning for it. In case you need some tips for what you should do for your Spring cleaning, we have a helpful list of tips that you are going […]

Spring Time: 5 Road Trip Safety Tips for Your Next Adventure

Going on a vacation is a luxury for many people, due to the high costs of life and lack of free time. However, there are ways to relax and see different places that don’t have to be costly or time-consuming, if you plan things properly. A road trip is a great way to reconnect with […]

Tips for Upsizing Your Household through Design

Upsizing sounds like a good idea. No matter the reason, having more space is something that sounds good no matter what. However, there comes a time where some smart design can come in handy. And that is definitely an option worth exploring as soon as you start thinking about upsizing your household. It is expensive, […]

5 Unique Ways To Use Your Spare Room

If you’ve found yourself to be lucky enough to have a spare room in your house, you may be wondering what to do with it. It may be tempting to play it safe and choose to turn it into a guest bedroom or a playroom for the kids, but what if you did something a […]