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The Ceramic Scenography of Artist Andrea Mancuso

Miami Art Week 2019 Meet the Artist: Experience the Art Series The Artist: Andrea Mancuso The Idea: Stimulate Curiosity by Juxtaposing the Familiar with the Unexpected The Art: Metamorphosis In my Meet the Artist: Experience the Art Series from my visit to Miami Art Week, I introduce you to the work of Italian Designer Andrea Mancuso. […]

Brandalism: The Art of Antonio Brasko

Miami Art Week 2019 Meet the Artist: Experience the Art Series The Artist: Antonio Brasko The Idea: The Acculturation of Graffiti, Street Art and Fashion The Art: Brandalism At the Spectrum Miami, I was drawn to the booth of artist Antonio Brasko and his collection Brandalism, a cheeky mashup of luxury labels and logos with low […]

Highlights From Red Dot Miami and Spectrum Miami

With dozens of art fairs and shows Miami Art Week competing for my attention, it’s impossible to attend and experience every art, fashion and entertainment event. Shows extend from Miami Beach, anchored around Art Basel Miami, the mothership of all art fairs, and spread throughout downtown Miami and Wynwood District. My strategy is to experience […]

Plasticidad: The Plastic Trash Art of Eduardo Cabrer

Miami Art Week 2019 Meet the Artist: Experience the Art Series The Artist: Eduardo Cabrer The Idea: Art that Calls Out Consumer Behavior The Art: Plasticidad At Spectrum Miami, one of several art fairs held during Miami Art Week 2019, I was drawn to the work of Eduardo Cabrer who encases plastic trash and found objects […]

The Neon Art of Ilan Neuwirth

Miami Art Week 2019 Meet the Artist: Experience the Art Series The Artist: Ilan Neuwirth The Idea: Spreading Joy by Illuminating the Beauty of Found Objects The Art: Neon infused Pop Art At the Red Dot Miami Art Fair, the glowing, whimsical works of Miami based pop artist, Ilan Neuwirth caught my eye, piquing my curiosity. […]

An Introduction To Swim Spas

For many years now a lot of people have been investing in hot tubs for the health and relaxation benefits they provide, but now we are starting to see a move towards swim spa pools. If you are unfamiliar with swim spas, continue reading to find out everything you need to know. In basic terms, […]

How to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

The holidays are meant to be spent with loved ones. Make sure you’re prepared to accommodate lots of visitors this season and make your home extra-cozy. The holidays are all about being with the people you love. During the holiday season, people travel far and wide to be with their families. If you’re hosting family […]

8 Unique Date Night Ideas for Any Season

This coming year, leave your dinner-and-a-movie nights in the past and instead try out some of these unique date night ideas for any season—you won’t regret it! Leave your dinner-and-a-movie date night in the past, and start getting creative! So many couples get stuck in the trap of going on the same few dates throughout […]

How to Host an Elegant Dinner Party

This guide tells you everything about how to host an elegant dinner party. Guests will leave impressed and eager to see what you have planned next. Hosting a party is a big deal. It shows your family and friends that you’re organized and can handle any stressors that come your way. Show them how sophisticated […]

Tips to Make Your Home the Perfect Host for the Holidays

‘Tis the Season to Make Ready for Guests Conveying hearth and home to visitors involves special touches According to AAA’s statistics, one in three Americans travel during the holidays. While many may stay in hotels and residential rentals, the majority become guests in the homes of friends and family. Outfitting a home, especially the guest […]

Simple Tech Tips to Make Your Life More Sustainable

Young woman using wearable tech during fitness workout

Simple Tech Tips to Make Your Life More Sustainable Advancements in affordable technology have made it easier than ever for us to adopt environmentally friendly practices in our own homes. While many people associate sustainable living with compromise, we don’t really have to make significant life changes or sacrifice convenience to support the planet. Most […]

The 8 Best Places To Visit In 2020

Humans tend to gain the best. Whether it is about eating food, wearing clothes, buying the products, or going on a travel visit, humans want the best of it. With extreme care, this article is written to collect and give it to you, the top eight places in the world that are best to travel […]

Interior Design Hacks To Remember For Your New Home After Moving

With the age of the Internet, homeowners can now look online for some interior design ideas for your new home. This is especially beneficial when your hands are full of plenty of pre-move tasks. After all, decorating your new living space should be one of your priorities so you can make your humble abode a […]

5 Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2020

5 Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2020 Renovating your bathroom is important for several different reasons. First, it affects the sustainability of your home, which is a major factor that you have to tend to when it comes to reducing your monthly expenses. Second, it affects the resale value of the place and your home’s overall […]