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A Step by Step Guide About the Skilled Independent Visa 189

Visa online application concept. Open passport with visa stamps

If you are skilled enough at any particular subject and you want to showcase that in the most promising manner, then Australia is all the way ready to welcome you whole-heartedly. With the introduction of the Skilled Independent Visa 189, people from various parts of the globe are getting a lucrative platform to become a […]

Top 10 Destinations to Celebrate The New Year

Top 10 List of Travel Destinations to Celebrate New Years and Visit in 2020 For those wanting to welcome the new decade from an exotic destination, here’s a top ten list of destinations to ring in the New Year. Pack your bags with our best carry-on luggage recommendations and make your travel plans to one […]

Give Any Room Some Personal Touches

When you are designing a room in your home, there are many qualities that you will generally want it to have. One which is going to be pretty common in most cases is that you will probably want it to be as personal to you as possible. If you can achieve that, then you are […]

Ways to Add Personality to Your Apartment Rental

Are you bored with the dull feel of your rental? Spruce up the space with our favorite ways to add personality to your apartment rental—you won’t regret it! Whether you’re a college student or constantly on the move, something about living in a rental can seem impersonal. You often aren’t allowed to paint the walls; […]

Finishing Touches That Tie A Room Together

When you are in the middle of a decorating project, you probably already have an idea of the finishing touches that you want to add. Some items will tie a room together with ease. The smaller details are actually the things that people are more likely to see and use in the room. Which makes […]

The Rise of Artisan Travel

Six years ago, I founded The Design Tourist blog and video series on the idea that as travelers we can experience a culture through art and craft. Creativity speaks a common language. No matter what the language barrier, we can express ourselves working with our hands, which opens our hearts and our minds to a […]

Winterize Your Home

Colder temperature and snowfall can wreak havoc on properties, so it’s important to be prepared. By winterizing your home, you can keep it in tip-top condition throughout the coldest season and save on your fuel bills too. To make sure you’re ready, check out these top tips for winterizing your home now… Check for drafts […]

How to Decorate Your First Apartment on a Budget

Buying your first house or apartment represents an interesting threshold in the life of a person, with many questions popping up after you’ve managed to surmount this first and initial snag. (And some snag it is, considering the today’s real estate prices.) Once you’ve moved in, a host of questions will assert themselves that will […]

Top Two Lifestyle Movements Influencing Design in 2020:

Buy It for Life and Biomaterials are the major lifestyle movements setting the direction of design in home and fashion as consumers rethink what they buy, what its made of, and how long they hold on to it.  Buy It for Life Movement: I recently read about the Buy It for Life Movement resonating with […]

How to Take Advantage of Vertical Space

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into a brand-new space or you want to remodel your current living area—take advantage of every nook and cranny you have! Every homeowner wants to make their home as great as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a studio condo or a four-bedroom house—maximizing your home’s space is […]

Visit Santa Claus’ Official Hometown: Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland

Legend has it that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole but in real life, Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland claims to be his official hometown. Located in the Arctic Circle, the southernmost latitude where the sun can stay below or above the horizon for 24 hours, Rovaniemi draws visitors worldwide to Santa Claus Village.  The […]

6 Stylish Ways to Transform Your Lifeless Backyard into a Safe Haven

There are backyards and then there are backyards. Merely owning a backyard can hardly be considered an advantage unless you decorate to fit your needs and most homeowners have a single purpose in mind: rest. This outdoor section of your home should really be all about attaining that peace and quiet that escapes us is […]

Your Winter To-Do List: Romantic Small Towns to Visit

With the holidays right around the corner, a couple’s trip is just what you need. Check out our favorite romantic small towns to visit this holiday season. The holidays are upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to plan a trip with your significant other. Steer clear of the big cities this year—they’ll be […]