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Make Your Home Yours From the Outside In

This is a contributed post with affiliate links It’s easy to buy an off the rack house. There are housing developments everywhere with the same design repeated over and over again with only the door number distinguishing each property. It’s hardly a personal statement or ambitious design, is it? So what can you do if […]

Most Common Places to Check for Mold in Your Home

Mold can grow anywhere: on food, paper, clothing, carpet, and even in places you cannot see. Good examples of these places include above ceiling tiles, areas inside of walls or condensing pipes, and on the backside of drywall. That said, some areas are more prone to mold than others. That’s why it’s important to know […]

5 Unique places to eat and drink in London

London has several amazing destinations. It includes the Tower bridge, Camden Town, museums, London eye, Little Venice, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, etc. No matter where you travel, food plays an essential part. London is a city with a rich heritage having a diverse range of people and cultures. It has loads of palatable foods and, […]

Easy Halloween decoration ideas for your home

Happy Halloween wallpaper.

Easy Halloween decoration ideas for your home With Halloween just around the corner, you are probably wondering how you are going to decorate your home. Now, some people spend months installing decorations and designing their homes so that it is as spooky as possible. Others, on the other hand, decide that decorating their home for […]

4 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Fall Party

From gorgeous fall weather to entertainment and fun, find out what goes into hosting the perfect outdoor party for your guests (and you!) to enjoy. Hosting an outdoor fall party can be a lot of fun. Fall is the perfect season to sit outside in cozy sweaters and enjoy hot beverages with friends. You can’t go […]

7 Creative and Must-try Mini Bar Designs if You’re on a Budget

For some of us, there’s nothing more refreshing than nabbing a nicely made cocktail after a long day of work. Let’s just say that if you love a good drink in the comforts of home, then you most certainly need your own mini bar. And you can do it on a budget too. Must-try Mini […]

Home Renovations That Increase Home Value

Discover some home renovations that increase home value. Invest your money back into your biggest investment, and make your house look great. For the average American, their house will be the biggest investment they ever make. Historically, property values increase steadily over time. In the last 20 years, however, that hasn’t been the case in […]

Why Has Your Home Got Mold?

This is a contributed blog post with affiliate links Finding mold in your home is never a good sign. As well as looking unsightly, mold can cause health problems if exposed to over long periods. This could include skin irritation, itchy eyes, headaches, wheezing and even serious respiratory problems. You can sometimes remove mold with […]

Places to Explore in North Hampton

In the town of North Hampton, New Hampshire, there are around 4,460 people who call it their home. And not only that, but most of these people think of this town as one of the best places to live in New Hampshire. As it is not a very big place, you might be wondering about […]

How to Make Your House into a Home: From Color to Scent

There’s a huge difference between a house and a home, and everyone wants that cozy feel after a long day. Here’s how to easily make your house into a home. Having a house is one thing, but having a home evokes an entirely different feeling. If you don’t feel completely at ease when you come back home […]

Inside the Design Mind of Artist Brad Joffrion

Meet Brad Joffrion, an artist who hails from my home state of Louisiana, known for its culture and creativity. Find out how this former Mechanical Engineer followed his passion for woodworking and turned a hobby into a bonafide brand known as Slab-Worx. Brad Joffrion is that rare right-brained and left-brained person who achieved success for […]

High Style, Low Budget: How the Millennial Generation Is Redefining Interior Design

Known for thinking outside the box and creativity, millennials are slowly, but surely, transforming the way we approach interior design. Always on the lookout for practical and functional items they can incorporate into their home design, millennials want their homes to resemble their own personal style and character while also making a powerful statement. In […]