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What You Need to Know Before You Start Flipping Houses

Hopping on the HGTV bandwagon of flipping houses? Check out these tips and tricks about what you need to know before you start flipping houses. With HGTV showing people just how lucrative—and fun—the house flipping business can be, more and more people have jumped on the bandwagon. If you’re one of those people who loves […]

5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen for the Ultimate Look

Your kitchen is a necessary focal point in your home, so make sure yours stands out. Here are some ingenious ways to update your kitchen to perfection. Few rooms in your home are quite as important as your kitchen. It’s truly a gathering space for when you have guests over and for when you’re cooking […]

Feng Shui Office Tips for Maximum Productivity

A dramatic increase in screen time in the workplace has us sitting in our offices or cubicles, depleting our energy. We spend a substantial amount of time at work, and that stress can easily overflow into our private lives as well. But does it really have to be that way? What if, instead of absorbing […]

5 Fall Trend Takeways for the Home

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves turn colors, home interiors cozy up for the colder months. Here’s a look at 5 Fall Trend Takeways for the Home Metals Warm Up: Expect to see warmer metals such as copper, brass and rose gold mixing in with stainless steel and colder metallic finishes for an […]

5 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Stadiums

For travelers who are interested in sports, a truly beautiful venue can make an experience that much better. Even if the action on the court or field of play is the main focus, nothing quite beats watching sports in a stadium that takes your breath away. It’s for this reason that we wanted to take […]

J’adore L’automne: The Best Autumn Destinations in France

 J’adore l’automne: a common phrase in France that goes to show how beautiful a trip would be. Check out some of the best autumn destinations in France here! France in the fall is a sight to behold. The golden leaves, crisp air, and empty streets are just a few of the reasons why autumn is […]

The Exterior Signs Of An Unloved Home

Overgrown Home Sign

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links It can’t be helped, your home is going to get dirty. On the inside you have full control, you manage how much dirt and debris is allowed to be spread around. But on the outside, you almost have no say at all. If it rains, it […]

Top Instagrammable Destinations and Experiences For 2019

‘Instagrammability’ is a crucial factor for millennials choosing where to go on holiday, more than 41% of people under the age of 33 prioritize ‘Insta-picture-worthiness’ when choosing their holidays. Searching for the ideal “Instagrammable” travel moment to post? According to a recent survey by Wego, London and Dubai rank among the world’s most popular “Instagrammable” […]

Pre-Travel Tips for Staying Energized and Beating Jet Lag

This is a contributed post by Krista Harper So, you have your bags packed, your checklist checked, and your tickets in hand. Taking a trip can be one of the most fun and exciting adventures you can have with your family and friends or even solo. Even traveling for work can be enjoyable if you […]

Breathtaking Outdoor Adventure Vacation Destinations

If you like getting out in nature and enjoying all the beauty and exhilaration it brings, you should think about going on an adventure vacation. So many places around the world offer a wealth of active pursuits, from mountain climbing to offshore fishing. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite outdoor adventure vacation destinations to help you […]

5 Reasons To Stop Ignoring Those Cracks In Your Home

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links Are there cracks in your home’s walls that you keep ignoring? Not all cracks are serious – a small crack in the plaster or drywall is unlikely to have many consequences and can usually easily be covered over. However, larger cracks are worth checking out and […]

What You Need to Know About Visiting London

What I Wish I Knew About London Before Traveling: Random Facts and Useful Travel Tips I Learned about London Traveling teaches me a lot about myself— the things that pique my curiosity and stir my soul and the way I handle discomfort. For many of us, being out of our comfort zone reveals much about […]

Finding More Optimism In Your Garden Design

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links Everyone wants a beautiful garden to call their own. However, it can often be a luxury to own a garden in the first place. If you count yourself among this number, then it can be that arranging and decorating said garden is one of your ambitions […]

The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist

Traveling is fun and exciting. But preparing for your travel can be intense, tiring, and quite dull. We often tend to forget something we intend to take on the trip at the last minute hassle. And sometimes the one thing you forgot is so critical that it could ruin your entire trip. Travel checklists come […]

Holiday Decorating Trends for 2019/20

Modern living room with fireplace and christmas tree

Emerging Color and Design Trends for Christmas As the holiday season approaches, attention turns to planning parties, events and decorations. The overarching theme for holiday decorating is authenticity and craftsmanship with a generous dose of Mother Nature. One of my favorite sources for holiday décor trends is the Christmasworld trade fair, held in Frankfurt, Germany. […]

How to Choose the Right Layout for Your Canvas Wall Gallery

Who doesn’t appreciate tasteful family photos framed artistically on the wall? While you might be eager like the others to drop immediately into the trend, there’s going to be a great deal of work involved. In creating your own canvas wall gallery, knowing how to choose the right layout for your canvas wall gallery is […]