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Top European destinations for Budget Travelers

Some of Europe’s Most Expensive Cities are Surprisingly Cheap for Travelers Omio, Europe’s leading booking platform for travel by train, bus, and flight, has released a ranking of Europe’s most budget friendly-cities to visit.   The cities were ranked according to the number of free attractions, tours, events, Wi-Fi hotspots, accommodation, and drinkable tap water.  The […]

How to turn your attic into living space

Turning your attic into a functional living space sure sounds nice. After all, by doing so you’ll be using the whole potential of your home. But, as you will soon learn, this is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of things you need to do in order to make any space […]

Tiny Home Tourism

If you’re curious about living large in small spaces, why not take a vacation from your own home to stay in a tiny house? A tiny house resort in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania offers custom-designed tiny homes as vacation rentals. Tiny Estates rents its tiny homes in a variety of architectural and decor styles from modern […]

Top 10 Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain in 2019 [Ultimate Guide]

A contributed post from LANGRIA Home Decor & Furniture Majority of us have to work for at least 8 hours in an office, every single day. That requires us to sit and work on our desks for the majority of our shift. As a natural result, we have to deal with the aching shoulders and […]

Arizona’s Must-See Architectural Tourist Attractions

Scottsdale, Arizona is an Architectural Treasure Trove of  Frank Lloyd Wright’s Work  Internationally renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and studio, Taliesin West is one of eight Wright buildings recently inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Taliesin West serves as a prime example of Wright’s organic architecture built with a […]

Simple Steps to Creating A Perfect Positive Home

Having a wonderful home is something we all strive for. We all like to have our own personal touches and make our home exhibit our personalities. But, do we take into consideration the psychological effects that our home has on us? I am going to go through just a few simple things that can take […]

Top cities with the Cheapest Groceries

at the grocery store

Grocery shopping is one errand that nearly every family must do. Families could, theoretically, eat out every night, but those costs would add up quickly. Cooking at home is definitely a more cost-effective option. However, in some places, grocery shopping is even more affordable. Food costs are dependent on a number of factors like distance […]

5 Things to Check about the Wiring Before Buying A Home

It is common for homebuyers to overlook wiring and electrical aspects when choosing a house. Most people are drawn in by aesthetics such as front faucets, exterior design, deck and patio, floor, ceiling, and space. While these are all important to inspect, plumbing and wiring are just crucial. The disadvantages of having a poorly placed […]

Are You a Minimalist or a Maximalist

The minimalist trend has swept the nation. Architects, interior designers, lifestyle bloggers, and so many more have found minimalism and ran with it. For good reason too. Eliminating excess in your life can help make room for things that are more positive like self-reflection or meaningful relationships. This often looks like simplifying your finances, decluttering your home, and […]

How to Create a Relaxing Home Retreat

Trendy home interior

This is a contributed post New places, people, and food, there’s so much to absorb and enjoy while you’re on the road. Then again, there’s no place like home. After wandering through colorful marketplaces and trekking over mountains, you need somewhere to unwind, relax, and center yourself. What better place than a home retreat? Your […]

Home Office Design Tips that Increase Productivity

This is a contributed post Let’s face it – working from home is one of the greatest things in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an actual boss that you’re telecommuting with; it’s still just far more relaxing than working in an office environment. You’re doing real work – but all from the […]