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Using Interior Style Lessons In Your Garden

This is a contributed blog post that contains affiliate links The skills you need to create a cozy and welcoming interior style are different from the knowledge and experience of garden landscaping designer. Ultimately, it’s fair to say that choosing the wallpaper for the nursery room is not the same thing than deciding where to […]

Travel Website Design Trends

For 71% of U.S. travelers, the experience of travel begins long before the luggage has been checked and the sunscreen lathered on. An ever increasing number of travelers begin their trip with online research. Beyond acting as an outward facing representation of a business, websites and apps are the travel industry’s bread and butter. In […]

Stunning Quartz Worktops For Your Kitchen

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links How do you feel when you walk into your kitchen? Do you feel inspired and encouraged to cook a delicious meal? Do you love spending time in there? Or, is it a room that fills you with dread? If the latter applies, you should consider investing […]

100 Years of Bauhaus Endures in Florida Modernism

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement that became a way of life and thinking still resonating today.  Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus school in Germany in 1919 with interdisciplinary ideals merging art and technology, collectively called modernism.  Bauhaus means “School of Building,” in German and it attracted students who wanted to build […]

Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There’s perhaps no other room in a house that looks better after it gets remodeled than a kitchen. For starters, it’s a place where you spend a lot of your time. Whether it’s cooking meals, entertaining guests or baking treats on a cold winter day – there are so many occasions for spending time in […]

Could You Design Your Own Home?

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links There are many great reasons why you might want to design your own home. If nothing else, it means that you can expect to live in a place which is as close to being perfect for you as possible, and that is clearly something that a […]