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Adirondack Folk School

As a Design Tourist, I actively seek out attractions and destinations that preserve and promote the craft and heritage of artisans around the world. While flying out of the Albany International Airport, I discovered a small exhibit promoting The Adirondack Folk School.  The installation was commissioned by the Albany International Airport Art & Culture Program and  it caught my attention […]

Smartening Up Your Home

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links When it comes to homeowners, the majority tend, understandably, to focus their attention mainly on their work life and the strains of keeping the bills paid so they can stay in the comfy abode. The home’s look is usually quite important but not exactly high up […]

Memphis Group Design Objects: Must-See Museum Exhibit

Space Oddities: Bowie-Sottsass-Memphis at Modernism Museum Must-See Museum Show: The largest exhibition of Memphis objects ever presented in an American museum In the 1980s, a decade defined by big hair, loud clothes and MTV, artistic expression was just as over-the-top, attention-getting and bordering the absurd. During this time, a group of designers began making powerful […]

Moving Hacks

30 Tips for More Efficient Ways to Pack Up and Move If possible, arrange to get into your new house while it’s still empty, and do a thorough cleaning before the furniture shows up. It will never be easier to reach those baseboards and vents than it is right now! Empty gasoline and oil from […]

Mistakes You Make in Your Bedroom Design that Ruin Your Sleep

By Ashley Little If there’s one space in your home that it’s important you get the design right for it’s your bedroom. Your bedroom should function as a haven for rest, relaxation, and great quality sleep. You may not realize how much the design of your bedroom has to do with your sleep, but it […]

The Future of Fashion is Wellness

Fashion’s Future Transcends Trends and “Fast Fashion”  Why Sustainable, Ethical Fashion Will be the New Normal February brings Fashion Week to New York City and the buzz is all about sustainable, ethical fashion brands. The 2019 Global Wellness Summit pegged “Well Fashion-Way Beyond Architecture”  as one of its top wellness trends.  Each year, the Global Wellness […]

How Does The Plumbing Look In Your Home?

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links We all have a kitchen and at least one bathroom in our homes, and they’re pretty integral parts of it if we’re honest! And because of that, they should always be prioritized in your quest to remodel or renovate the home around you. After all, some […]

Green Ways To Heat Your Home

Switching to an eco-friendly heating source could help to save the planet and save you money. Here are just a few green options to consider. Use a fireplace A fireplace is the most traditional form of heating one’s home. Glass fireplaces certainly aren’t the most practical heating source – a fire takes time and effort […]

5 Major Concerns During Any Renovation

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links When you are renovating a room in your home, you of course always want to make sure that you are going to get it right. But knowing that, and knowing how to make that happen, are two very different things, and that is important to bear […]