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Wellness is the Next Frontier in Residential Real Estate

The Global Wellness Institute  (GWI) in its report “Build Well To Live Well” found that real estate and communities that intentionally put people’s health at the center of design, creation, and redevelopment are the next frontier in residential real estate.  Instead of ROI the focus is ROW (Return on Wellness). The “Sun Belt” states of Arizona, […]

3 Reasons Why Home Design Is worth Taking Seriously

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links Home design is a big deal, and that’s not just the predictable opinion of biased commentators; it’s something that we see the evidence for in people’s TV-viewing and web-browsing habits, among all kinds of other things. After all, how many home design shows are there out […]

How to Create the Perfect Minimalist Home

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links How to create the perfect minimalist home The mantra ‘less is more’ is particularly true when it comes to your home. Minimalism is one of the crowning architectural achievements of the 20th century and the trend is reappearing across many homes. Streamlined, crisp white walls create […]

How to Make Your Garden Shine in 2019

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links How To Make Your Garden Shine In 2019 It can be easy to only think about your home interior when it comes to design, but you also need to think about the look that your outdoor space gives off. 2019 is the year for making your […]

Luxury Basement Design Trends We’re In Love With Right Now

People with basements don’t realize how lucky they are to have a basement! You’ve got so much extra space in your home, so you better make use of it. The brilliant thing about this room is that you can play around with the design so much. These days, there are some truly jaw-dropping ideas that […]

Don’t Move, Improve! How To Fund Home Renovations

This is a contributed blog post that contains affiliate links Now that the new year is in full swing, it can get many people thinking about home renovations and the things that they want to do this year in and around their home. But sadly, thinking about the plans doesn’t mean that there will be […]

Bathroom Luxury: How To Create A Home Spa

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links When you’re at work, how often do you fantasize about going to a spa rather than heading home afterward? Is there anything better than spending time at a spa? Of course not, the spa is the ultimate space for relaxation and calm. Those hours that you […]

Now’s a Better Time Than Ever to Focus on Your Backyard

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links While we may well still be in the midst of winter, it’s not going to be all too long before the weather begins to take a turn for the better and the temperature begins to rise. As the sun starts to shine, many of us want […]

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A House

This is a contributed post with affiliate links Building your own home and having it designed precisely to your specifications and needs is a big dream for many people. It isn’t a particularly easy dream to fulfill for many. Not only do you need to find a decent plot of land for sale, but you […]