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How To Stage Your Bedroom To Sell

This is a contributed post and contains affiliate links When you want to sell a house, there is a secret to doing it. You need to stage it. You need to set it up so that if someone walks into your house, they can take one look and want to buy it. It doesn’t matter […]

Adding Detail Without Clutter

This is a contributed post with affiliate links Clutter has become the boogeyman of all things interior design related as of late. Even when you’re aiming hard to evoke a certain style or scene, you’re well warned to avoid overstuffing the room with things that tend to draw the eye away from key elements of […]

These Top Tips will Make Your Home feel Super Welcoming

This is a contributed post with affiliate links If you are worried because you are not sure if your home is welcoming enough or if you feel as though you need your home to be more inviting then here are some top tips that will help you to get started. It’s All About The Lighting […]

How To Get Your Home Summer Party Ready

This is a contributed post and contains affiliate links The season of spending long and hot afternoons in the garden is finally upon us, and you may be beginning to think about hosting a few parties so that you can socialize with your friends and family. However, after a long winter, your home and garden […]

Holiday Decorating Trends for 2019

Mother Nature Meets Santa Claus in Holiday Looks For 2019 It’s July, the pivotal month where Christmas is on the brain with countless “Christmas in July” sales, specials and events aimed at getting you focused on the holiday season ahead. So, in honor of all this “Christmas in July” hype, I’m bringing you a look […]

Don’t Let Your Home Let You Down

This is a contributed post with affiliate links Our homes are something we like to take pride in. But as much as we rely on our homes, and as much as they serve us well, they know how to let us down at just the right time. It can be so stressful owning a home […]

Building A Family Home? Here Are 4 Things You Must Consider

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links Building your family home is generally seen as an excellent option. It means you can design and create the perfect home for your specific family. The kids will have their own bedrooms that are custom-made for them. You will have as many rooms in the house […]

Keeping Your Home Cool In The Summer Is Possible And Here’s How

Summer is well and truly in full swing and that means that we have some great days ahead. Enjoying being outside, spending time with family and friends and taking advantage of the lighter evenings. But, summer also means that our homes can become incredibly hot. Heat isn’t always so comfortable, and if you don’t have […]

Tips and Tricks that will Make Your Home Look Way More Expensive

This is a contributed post with affiliate links If you have a home then you will know how important it is to keep it looking nice and spacious. You will also know how important it is for you to try and keep the value of your home high as well, but this is easier said […]

Have You Done These To Your Home Yet?

This is a contributed post with affiliate links There should be many things on your list to do to your home. But amongst the rush of everyday life, we often put the little home improvements that we need to do, right to the back of our list. However, you’ll soon get to the point where […]

Beautify Your Home With a Few Simple Steps

This is a contributed post with affiliate links There’s so such thing as a magic remedy for interior design, but if all you want to do is quickly fix up your living room before your relatives visit or want to impress your significant other, then there are plenty of quick little ways to make your […]

9 Checks To Make In Any New Home

This is a contributed post with affiliate links We all know that moving house is arguably one of the most stressful things you ever do in your lifetime, and yet it is something that most of us end up having to do a number of times. Obviously, you want to make sure that you are […]

The New Face of the Workplace

The Latest Design Trends from NeoCon 2018 Create a Home Away from Home As the office looks and feels more like home, architects and designers are ramping up the wellness factor. This growing concern for employee well-being brings into focus biophilic design concepts and sustainability all aimed at creating healthier commercial spaces. At NeoCon 2018, held in […]

Inside the Design Mind of Alan Pepin

Editor’s Note: I met Alan Pepin, a freelance product designer, at a recent trend talk I gave at LightStyle of Orlando. Pepin has his own design studio, Red Dog Run Design, and works with a variety of retail and manufacturing clients in the categories of home decor, lighting, furniture and textiles. He is the design […]

Tools You Need to Become a DIY Expert Around the Home

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links If you know that there are a ton of jobs that you need to get done around the home but you just don’t have the money to try and get them all done then you are not alone. There are so many people who go through […]

How To Make Your Home Summer Ready

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links The warmer season is finally upon us and while the majority of us are heading to the great outdoors to lap up as much sun as possible, we also need time to cool off and return to normal temperature to prevent sunstroke. This can be difficult […]