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The Emotional & Financial Benefits Of Property Abroad

This is a contributed post with affiliate links If you have the means to, living abroad can be a great boon to you and your family. There are many reasons as to why this is the case. While some might favor a solid home life with very little movement for years, others wish to experience […]

Design Hotel Debuts in Fort Lauderdale Capturing the Culture & Style of Boating Life

Tryp Maritime hotel in Fort Lauderdale Offers Authentic Accommodations for Design Tourists When a hotel captures the essence of the local culture and community through fixtures, furnishings, materials, art, amenities, and experiences, I call it a Design Hotel— authentic accommodations with a sense of place.   Wyndham recently opened the Tryp Maritime hotel in Fort […]

The Perfect Holiday Home: Finding And Designing

This is a contributed post with affiliate links Many people love the idea of investing in a holiday home. It can give you the investment you need from a financial aspect with a long-term value and short-term rental income. But it could also help you to change your lifestyle as you could be presented with […]

Is Your Pad Bachelorette Fab Or Bachelorette Drab? Find Out Here

This is a contributed post with affiliate links Let’s face it; millions of women now delay settling down to have a family until they’re in their thirties. After all, establishing a great career and enjoying holidays are now far more frequent priorities. Nonetheless, you still need a stunning place to call your home. Whether you’re […]

How to Measure Design’s Handprint on the Environment

It’s not just your footprint that counts with environmentally sustainable design. Today’s definition of good global stewardship also examines your handprint. “Handprint” measures a company’s commitment to social responsibility— what it is giving back to communities, employees and the environment. It goes beyond fair trade, ethical work environments, and eco-friendly materials.  We are in the midst […]

Simple Small Home Solutions To Try

This is a contributed post with affiliate links Small spaces can be both charming and an absolute nightmare. If they’re designed and organized well, then they can feel incredibly warm and cozy, but if they’re done wrong, then they look cramped, leaving their inhabitants feeling stressed, claustrophobic, and downright uncomfortable. If you’re struggling with your […]

Brooklyn’s Contemporary Design Scene

Brooklyn has a thriving and prolific community of artists, artisans, craftspeople, and designers that puts it on par with other hubs of craftsmanship around the world. Products bearing the Brooklyn-Made certification are coveted by collectors and design aesthetes interested in authenticity and the backstory of pieces they acquire. Once a year, the borough showcases its maker […]

Under The Surface: Invisible Issues Sabotaging The Home

This is a contributed post with affiliate links When making changes and updates to the home, we most often think of what we can do on the surface. The renovations, the new décor additions, the updates to the fixtures. In fact, some might say we put too much focus on the surface and not enough […]

Beautiful Bathrooms : The Struggle Is Real

Bathrooms are entirely different from any other type of room in your home, and this is glaringly obvious when it comes to decorating them. In fact, they can be something of a struggle to get right. Luckily, there is a formula that can help you succeed in this area, and all you have to do […]

Can Comfy And Cozy Still Be Stunning And Stylish?

This is a contributed post with affiliate links When you design and decorate your house, you don’t just want to make it look beautiful. You also want to ensure that it’s a great place to live and that it essentially feels like home. That means it needs to be comfortable. But can these two ideas […]

Become An Advocate Of Eco-Friendly Interior Design

This is a contributed post with affiliate links When you are planning the next stage of a home makeover, you may want to consider the latest piece of man-made and heavily manufactured industrial furniture to create that chic warehouse vibe, or you might fancy that designer table made out of an elusive wood. However, utilizing […]

The Invisible Improvements That Change The Home Feeling

This is a contributed post with affiliate links For a lot of homeowners, the idea of transforming their interior is synonymous with expenses, decor projects and a complete change of design. In fact, most people don’t imagine that it is possible to change the way they feel about their home without investing a lot of […]

5 Elegant Elements To Enhance Your Home

This is a contributed blog post with affiliate links You’re a hopeless romantic when it comes to the house you live in; you had a whirlwind romance when you first decided to move in and you fall in love with it more and more each day. Waking up in your house is like a dream […]

The Hottest Home Trends of Summer 2018

This is a contributed post with affiliate links Home trends come and go. Every year we see new styles rise in popularity and old fashions fall behind. Homeware shops and magazines are filled with the same prints and colors as everyone clambers to find the latest fashionable accessories for their home. It can be impossible […]

How to Infuse European Modernism into Your Home Design

This is a contributed post with affiliate links If your home is lacking some style right now, one great way to change all that is to choose a more elegant European modernist style. Implementing that style in your home might sound a little daunting right now, but once you know the basics and where to […]

Creating The Log Cabin Feel In Your Home

This a contributed post with affiliate links Classic interior looks are very expensive, so it’s unsurprising that most of us shy away from investing in the necessary implements. But if you’re trying to create a home style that is classic yet affordable, the rustic approach is a worthy balance of both. If you are looking […]

5 Tips for Creating Your First Home Office

This is a contributed post with affiliate links With more and more of us working on our own schedules, or with the ability at least to work from home on occasion, the need for a home office has never been in demand. While this might not sound like an overly complicated task, it’s less straightforward than […]

4 Steps for a Gorgeous Garden Makeover

Gardens are wonderful additions to any home that can uplift your property. There’s nothing quite like being able to relax on a deck chair, reading a book while you bask in the radiant sun. There’s also no replacement for the joy and fun you get from hosting a barbecue for friends and family in a […]

Your House Isn’t Complete Without These

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links A home is rarely every complete. It might be for a few weeks, but before long you’ll notice things that you’re just not happy with. Or perhaps you’ll see something in a magazine or social media that’ll spark an interest in something else that could be added […]

Trendspotting at The 2018 New American Home:

I recently toured The 2018 New American Home, the official show home of the NAHB International Builders’ Show known as IBS held in Orlando, Florida. I was joined by interior designer Kate Clarke, President of Homes Reimagined, who decorated the home and specified many of its architectural features.  Located in Bella Collina in town of Monteverde, about […]

Details That Will Make Or Break Your Home Design

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links Are you working on your decor and home design? You’re probably focusing on the larger details that you think have the greatest impact on your home style. Furniture, for instance, is a good example of this. The furniture you choose can completely change the look of a […]

Stunning Home Renovation Ideas To Try This Year

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links Do you want to spend some money and ensure your home looks stunning to guests this year? Are you struggling to work out where you should focus your efforts and investment for the best outcomes? Then you should take a moment to read through some of the […]

The Design King of Knurling, Massimo Buster Minale Inspires This Year’s Biggest Trend

Buster + Punch’s Trifecta of Muses: Motorcycles, Metalwork & Music Architect and industrial designer Massimo Buster Minale calls himself the Black Sheep of the Design World creating products from lighting to custom motorcycles that blend knurled detailing with rock star chic. I first met Massimo in 2013, at The London Design Festival where he was […]

How to Hide Your Home Tech for Sleeker Interiors

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links Homes are getting more and more high-tech as new things come onto the market. From smart speakers to connected thermostats, there are so many high-tech items you can add to your home. Some are for convenience and others for entertainment, but they can all bring something different […]

EnLightening Trends For Hip Home Style

Expert Insight on The Latest Lighting Trends from Jeff Dross, Kichler Lighting For the latest looks in lighting, I recently spoke with Lighting Trends Expert, Jeffrey R Dross, Kichler Corporate Director, Education and Industry Trends. Here is his take on light styles in 2018 and beyond.  What are the latest lighting styles/designs/materials resonating with consumers […]

Art Decor: Setting Up A Space For Creativity In Your Home

This is a Contributed Post  When you are the creative traveler type, there are reams of inspiration coming to you from everywhere, but if you are someone who has to sit back and stop roaming the world on occasion, you need to make sure you have the same amount of inspiration coming into you from […]

What Makes The Perfect Neighborhood?

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links For many people, finding the perfect property is all they think about when it comes to buying a new home. But there is a whole lot more than you need to also consider. Sure, the property will obviously be a major factor in what sways your decision, […]

How To Design A Relaxing Space In Your Home

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links A great home features flexible interior design. This means that different rooms in the house are designed in different ways to create different feelings. Don’t get me wrong, the overall interior design theme of the home should be consistent to the point where rooms don’t completely juxtapose […]

A Guide to Choosing the Right Kitchen Appliance Color Scheme

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links If you work in the world of interior design then there is a high chance that you will be asked to choose some kitchen appliances from time to time. Every project is different and the problem is that there aren’t really any general rules that you can […]

3 Design Trends You Need to Know

Hygge: The most talked about lifestyle trend of 2017, Hygge is a way of being and decorating comes from the Danes and is firmly anchored in their culture. Hygge ( pronounced “hoo’gah” —who knew?) The style philosophy stands for coziness and peace of mind. The soothing color scheme is typically Scandinavian hues of soft beiges […]

Bedroom Design: The Elements That Matter

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links When deciding on the decor for your bedroom, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so many choices of color, texture, material, and accessories. In other rooms, we tend to focus on two goals— the function of the space, and the look. While those two same ideas apply to […]

How To Ignite Your Creative Muse with Design Travel

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links Inspiration is important, but the creative muse doesn’t necessarily come calling when you summon it. Creativity can’t be forced.  If you find yourself in a rut with your design ideas, perhaps it’s time to take a trip for a change of scenery to reboot the senses.  Encountering […]

Four Spaces Driving Design

Space-Shifting for the Future  A recent statistic by Heimtextil, the global textile trade fair, estimates that by 2030, the world will have 41 megacities with over 40 million inhabitants. This demographic shift is known as “the great urban migration” and will shape how we live, work, consume and socialize. As designers, architects and urban planners […]