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Prettiness And Practicality: The Ideal Household Interior

Everybody wants their home to look good. It’s not always a matter of pride – it’s a matter of comfort. We don’t just feel cozy when we’re sitting on a nice couch; we feel cozy when we’re in pleasant surroundings. Our environment can have a big effect on our mental health in either a positive […]

Design Delights Buyers Love To See

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links Are you redesigning your home for yourself or with the future potential sale in mind? If you’re thinking about a sale, you need to look at what buyers love to see when they view an interior of a home on the market. There are various features and […]

Wallpaper Goes Big For Wow Walls

Wallpaper Goes Big with Maxi Motifs & Large Scale Patterns for Trending Home Style William Morris made wallpaper fashionable in the 19th century with his nature motifs taken from British wildlife. Since the mid-1800s, wallpaper has fallen in and out of style. Today, patterned walls are back in a big way with maxi-motifs often inspired by […]

Design Hotel: Relais Le Chevalier

A Historic Hotel in Riga, Latvia Restyles its 18th-Century Origins  Italian interior designer  Elisabetta de Strobel marries French elegance and contemporary trends to reimagine the interior styling of Relais Le Chevalier, a hotel in Riga, Latvia. Each floor pulsates with vibrant hues starting with the ground floor decorated in blue with pale gold tints, the signature colors of […]

Interior Design Ideas From Around The World

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links There is nothing worse than running out of inspiration when it comes to your home’s interior design. If you think that one of your rooms is looking slightly drab or no longer on-trend, then you will no doubt want to update it as soon as possible. However, […]

Home Fragrance Ideas From The Experts

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links  We do so much to ensure that our homes look great, but there is often one aspect that many homeowners regularly overlook. And that is how their rooms smell. This is often forgotten about because the only time we really notice any room odors is when they […]