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10 Best Online Tools That Can Boost Your Business During Coronavirus Pandemic

10 Must-Have Tools for Business Growth During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t seem to be dying down, and millions of businesses around the world are struggling to survive. Whether your business is doing well or you’re experiencing some hiccups, you need certain tools to keep generating leads, ensure seamless team communication and improve your SEO efforts

These are some of the top online tools to boost your business during the pandemic, and after we finally wave it goodbye.

ProProfs Lead Quiz

ProProfs Lead Quiz MakerLead generation quizzes are excellent for engaging your target audience and attracting qualified leads that convert. ProProfs Lead Quiz software can help you easily create online quizzes for lead generation.

It features over 100,000 ready-to-use quiz templates that you can customize to your brand and needs. You can add custom forms for generating leads and gathering customer data, and automatically send that data to your email marketing list, CRM, and other integrated tools.

You can also personalize the results to compel your quiz takers to share them on social media, as well as customize quiz messages for social sharing.

With this tool, you can boost lead generation by up to 200% and continually grow your business.

Screaming Frog

Screaming FrogScreaming Frog is an SEO spider tool for desktop (PC and Mac) that can crawl your website for an in-depth analysis that can help you improve your SEO efforts.

It can find broken links and server errors, discover duplicate content, analyze meta titles and meta descriptions, audit website redirects, identify blocked sitemap URLs, evaluate URL structure, review directives, extract HTML data, create XML sitemaps, and much more.

This web crawler can be invaluable for your SEO, as it can uncover any and all technical inefficiencies to help you fix them and improve your site.


OptinMonsteroptinmonster is a lead generation tool that you can integrate with your web platform to convert and monetize your web traffic effectively.

It focuses on reducing cart or website abandonment, turning visitors into subscribers and leads, growing email marketing lists, and boosting sales.

You can use it to turn images or links into opt-in forms, increase personalization and conversions through geo-location targeting, and send targeted messages to abandoning visitors with the help of Exit-Intent® technology.

These are only some of the numerous smart triggers it features for highly-targeted campaigns, and it comes with real-time actionable reports and analytics.


Fleep is yet another great tool for seamless team communication. It’s similar to Slack in the sense that you can chat with your team and share files in conversations, and you can integrate it with Whereby to make voice and video calls. But some differences may make Fleep better for your needs.

There are task management features, a Pinboard for notes, links, contacts and other important information, and a file drawer for easily locating shared files and photos.

There are also seen-by indicators to help you see who’s read the messages. It’s a very useful and user-friendly tool for staying connected with your team.

G Suite

G SuiteG Suite is a bundle of Google’s cloud-based tools for team communication, collaboration, and productivity. Some of the most notable tools you may be using are Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms.

G Suite is a great choice because it keeps all these tools in one place, and comes with a highly-secure infrastructure. Also, it eliminates ads in Gmail and features Meet, which is a premium video-conferencing tool for remote team communication.

Depending on the plan you choose, you can also access advanced admin security and administration controls, a data vault, endpoint management, and more.


MarketoAutomating your marketing efforts with the right tools can help you cut costs and see the results faster. As a powerful marketing automation tool, Marketo is an excellent choice for achieving that and taking your digital marketing to the next level.

Depending on your marketing needs, you can choose a solution for lead management, email marketing, mobile marketing, account-based marketing, and much more.

Each solution comes with its share of capabilities, such as account insights and profiling, marketing analytics, predictive content, web personalization, and more.

This is an all-in-one tool that you really don’t want to miss.

Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email MarketingIf you plan on regularly sending bulk emails to your subscribers, you should think about using Pabbly Email Marketing. It’s a very affordable email marketing automation tool with an excellent email delivery rate of 98.9%.

It lets you use its in-built SMTP for free, or choose from over 50 external SMTPs. You can create your own custom emails using a drag-and-drop builder, easily manage your subscribers’ list, and use a wealth of automation rules for sending your bulk emails.

There’s also an MX cleaner, an autoresponder, a built-in lead capture tool, subscription forms, email tracking tools, SMTP routing, and more.

Which online tools do you use to keep your business afloat during the pandemic? Have you used any of these outstanding tools yet? Share your thoughts with the community; we’d love to hear from you!


BufferIf you’re looking to boost engagement on social media, Buffer might be just what you need.

You can use it to schedule and publish content on social channels, and generate in-depth reports to analyze the content’s performance. Buffer reports will give you invaluable insights for increasing engagement, extending your reach, and boosting your brand on social media.

You can also organize hashtags, plan Instagram Stories, and measure their performance, connect links in bio to multiple URLs, and even get tips about your social media strategy.


SlackOne of the top tools for remote team communication, Slack, is definitely a must during the coronavirus pandemic. Why use email and instant messaging apps to stay in touch with employees when you can use a dedicated, highly-security business communication app?

Slack is all about channels, which are like chat rooms you can create for different departments, project-related teams, or external partners. You can share files in channels, search conversations and documents, use mentions, follow conversation threads, and more.

You can also use Slack to make calls – both voice and video.

Slack has just acquired Rimeto, so it now also features an enterprise-wide directory where you can search Slack profiles of your team members.


HootsuiteHootsuite provides you with a powerful dashboard for social media marketing and management. It comes with features for publishing content on social media, engaging with your audience across various channels, assigning tasks and managing your team, monitoring conversations and topics, and measuring the performance of your social efforts.

It also features a solution for launching, managing, testing, and analyzing social media ad campaigns to ensure they deliver profitable results.

Just like Buffer, Hootsuite can be invaluable for your social media marketing.

Author Name: Angela White

Author Bio: Angela White is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing for the consumer market in the areas of product research and marketing using quizzes and surveys. Having a knack for writing and an editorial mindset, She is an expert researcher at a brand that’s known for creating delightfully smart tools such as ProProfs Quiz Maker.

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